‘It’s great that no one has to wait to start making the world a better place.’
Anne Frank




ALLY is a brand-new partnership in the world of film production.
It’s a film production platform, rallying the best directors, crew, equipment companies and postproduction studios to create and produce high end films for charities and good causes.


How do we achieve that? By offering our talents to commercial productions too. Whereby the revenues from the commercial productions partly fund the films for good causes.


Founder Lex Szanto, film producer:
March 15, 2016. In a Lebanese refugee camp Kadar beats me at arm wrestling. He’s flabbergasted. And overjoyed. I am Batman. Kadar is my 5-year-old fellow actor in one of the War Child films we shot there. Working with me changed his day. And it changed my life.


Jump cut to 2017. After a day of shooting hypnotised Dutch people reliving the gruelling journey of Syrian refugee Narwah, we listen to her story. The crew is mesmerized. You can hear a pin drop. In her eyes we see loss, pain, sorrow, hope and gratitude. This was the trigger. The point of no return. With all this creativity, talent and passion we can make the most amazing films see the light. And shot by shot, film by film, help make the world a better place.


Instead of dreaming, Lex starts calling around. Rallying the best people and companies from the film business, the ones that put their social words where their mouth is. The response is heart-warming and overall positive. ALLY is born.


Social responsible films are synonymous with cost price. They’re great to do, but they don’t pay the bills. And we haven’t won the lottery yet. That’s why commercial clients are more than welcome to use our pool of talents for their film projects. Commercial productions profit from an amazing pool of talents. And extremely competitive mark up. Of which a substantial amount funds the work for good causes. Everybody wins.


At ALLY, we give back by doing what we do best: tell a story and film the heck out of it. So feel free to contact us. For any creative project. Or if you’d like to contribute. Be an ALLY, and film for a better world.


Looking forward to great projects.
Lex Szanto aka Batman